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My name is Martin Eric Kramer

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"The Bus Stop"?

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Title: The Bus Stop
3 x (20 x 20 cm)
Acrylic on canvas
200 GBP

What would you like to know?

About the triptych
"The Bus Stop"?

This work was created in september 2022. It belongs to my "non finito" paintings. It was interesting to leave the large format and work on a small area of several parts.
It shows people on their way with luggage to a bus stop in the top part of the triptych.
It can be hung freely on hooks or on nails directly on the wall. The canvases are made of pure linen, with handmade gesso primer. Painted with the finest and lightfast artist acrylic colours.

About my work?

In my "non finito" paintings, the landscape emerges from an abstract form. People are in it.
They are searching for the ideal, a better world, the most beautiful place, the perfect experience, the greatest wealth, the greatest fulfilment, et cetera. And they hope. And in each of us this search is repeated. This unites us humans all over the world.

About me?

I come from Germany and was born in Mannheim (1969), the second largest city in the southwest of Germany. On the Rhine.
 I studied at two independent art schools.  I have been
working as a freelance contemporary artist since 2011. My studio has been in the southern Black Forest in Villingen-Schwenningen for several years. I participated in exhibitions all over Germany (vor example Berlin, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart)

About my art studio?

Visit me in my art studio in Villingen-
Schwenningen. The most important region of the German watch industrie. 

Title: On the way - where?

Acrylic on canvas
100 cm x 140 cm
From the year 2019
1040,00 GBP
free delivery